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Our goal is for you to put your best foot forward on your wedding day, literally.

We will create for you a tailor-made dance to suit your personalities, style of wedding and choice of music. With Ceroc wedding dance, you can dance your First Dance to ANY piece of music.

Either choose one yourself or ask our specialized staff to suggest popular wedding dance songs to you.

Taught by qualified Ceroc* Teacher’s Association Instructors, you will receive tuition from our highly skilled dance teachers in English or Cantonese.

Special requests?

  • "Can we blend 2 pieces of music together?" No problem. Our skilled Ceroc DJ will mix your tracks for you
  • "Can our bridal party be involved in our dance" Definitely. We will organize steps that everyone can take part in, at the same time as having fun and looking good.
  • "We only have 2 weeks before our wedding. Can we learn anything in time?" You sure can! We can even teach you the key moves and basics to a shorter version of the track in 2 lessons. You will still wow your guests.

Whatever your special request, idea or situation is, it is our pleasure to make it happen.

*What is Ceroc?

Ceroc dancing (from the French C'est roc) is the skill of 2 people dancing together to any music.

It's by far the easiest type of partner dance to learn for your wedding due to the lack of fixed footwork. As a result Ceroc can be moulded to fit any style - waltz, tango, salsa, swing - you name it we can create it for you.

After just one class you can dance a Ceroc routine, and it's a perfect hobby for after the big day as you can continue to dance together at any wedding, bar or party.

For further information on our Ceroc Nights and Workshops visit: www.cerochongkong.com or contact us: dance@cerochongkong.com / +852 6695 0084.

More good news! Ceroc is available worldwide so you can also dance when you travel: www.ceroc.com