Margaret Chow
Sam Plessis Fraissard
Catherine Kiss
Timothy Bridges

Margaret Chow (Cantonese, Mandarin, English)

"I have been a dance instructor and choreographer of classical ballet and contemporary dance for over 15 years. I started to learn Ceroc in 2009 in Hong Kong when I was looking for another kind of dance to learn for fun. I found that it is very easy to dance Ceroc (just step backwards and forwards, I promise!) to all kinds of music, which makes Ceroc suitable for everybody. This inspired me to qualify as an instructor for Ceroc to teach first wedding dance classes. I really enjoy choreographing moves for wedding couples to make their big day more meaningful. If you want to dance but no idea how to start, you can choose Ceroc for your starting point. It's the very best way!"

Sam Plessis Fraissard (English, French)

"I originally started to Ceroc dance 4 years ago as a hobby and had no idea I would end up falling in love with dancing - the rest is history! Dancing develops a sense of creativity, alertness, social refinement and self confidence so I would highly recommend any couple who are getting married to learn a 'First Dance'. As an instructor, I enjoy adapting the choreography to suit each couple - no matter whether the focus is technique, music, elegance or fun - it's a truly rewarding experience to watch each couple grow in both ability and enjoyment as they learn to dance."

Catherine Kiss (English)

"I love dancing and I love Ceroc. Dancing builds self-confidence and good coordination as well as creating a positive psyche for the individual. For me it all started a few years back, when I attended some trial classes of Ceroc and became hooked. Now, as a teacher, I have a chance to share this wonderful experience with you. Hopefully you will love Ceroc as much as I do - I have met the friendliest people who all have at least one thing in common: we all love to express ourselves through movement and dance. What's the best part about Ceroc? It's simple to follow yet the moves look flashy - so not only will this help you to shine on your wedding day but for many more years to come!"

Timothy Bridges (English)

"Instructing Wedding Dance is something that opens both body and mind. I believe it's a fantastic way for a couple who are soon to be married to develop in their relationship together and learn a skill that will not only be useful on their wedding day but also for life. I often find the fiancé might be reluctant to dance at first but in fact he often ends up enjoying it just as much, if not more than his fiancée! I have seen many couples go from 'zero to hero' as they come in expecting not to be able to dance together, yet leave with a whole choreographed and professional-looking dance in just 4-6 classes. No matter if you have 2 left feet, you can do it!"